Katie and Adam’s November wedding was one of our favorites of the season.  Katie’s family was so kind and wonderful to work with, not to mention loving every last detail of her design.  We were so thankful to be a part of her celebration! Photo Credit to the amazing Robyn Van Dyke Photography Floral Design: Joy Klaff with Relish Floral Design / Cake: Maxie B’s / Planning & Coordination: Relish Design Company / Venue: Grandover Resort        … Read more »

I was so completely thrilled to be a part of this sweet couple’s wedding last September.  Planning a wedding can be challenging, but especially when you live 10 hours away.  All that to say, I was honored to be trusted with the planning and design for their special day.  It was such a pleasure to work with Bianca and Mike and to help make their wedding day all that they dreamed it would be. Picture credit to the fabulous Mark… Read more »

So, we have been chatting about fleurs for the last couple of posts.  And, funny enough, you might not think style has a lot to do with flowers. When you think of “your style“, what immediately pops in your head?  Clothes?  Jewelry?  Or, maybe shoes?!?   You probably weren’t about to say flowers.  And, strangely enough, flowers are what can really make or break the style of your wedding or event. However, many times, it’s the flowers that people have… Read more »

Apparently, I’m just like Fancy Nancy.  Everything sounds prettier in French.  Thus, flowers become fleurs, and oh, so pretty! Before You Go… You might have heard the old Southern saying, “Don’t arrive empty handed.”  Well, going to your florist is no different. Don’t go empty-handed!  Your florist cannot event begin to think, design, or create what you will like without having some idea of what your vision for your flowers is. Pin It. Have fun pinning away and make yourself… Read more »

 Flowers are amazing.   You have a bare space, and then all of a sudden, you add flowers or greenery, and there’s life!   But, similarly to color schemes, the trends with flowers change over time.  What I picked for my bridal bouquet (13 years ago today actually!) was perfect…then.   Maybe I’m just too fickle, and vary my taste too much, but my flowers would be completely different now, than what I chose in August of 1999.   Over… Read more »