We are so excited about the response we’ve had to Social Graces.  Here’s a sneak peek into our course curriculum.  We would love to have the opportunity to work with your children on these crucial social skills, and have fun in the process!  Click here for registration details. 

Week 1 – Mind Your Manners:

Napkin Placement ; Cutting Food ; Utensil Use; General Table Etiquette ; Appropriate Table Posture

Week 2 – Excuse Me, Sir:

Communicating with Adults/Peers; Conversational Manners; Non-verbal Communication; Eye Contact; Handshaking; Letter Writing

Week 3 – Be My Guest!

Guest / Host Relations; Welcoming Family & Friends into Your Home; Being a Guest; Offering Food/Drinks; Responding Appropriately When Offered Food; Helping Others Feel Comfortable

Week 4 – The Big Day

Event Behavior; Appropriate Attire; Weddings; Family Gatherings; Holding Doors; Ladies First Rule; No Pointing; Receiving Gifts


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