I was thinking about how 70% of engaged couples get engaged from Thanksgiving to New Years, and as soon as January hits, those brides are off and planning!  What comes first??  Engagement sessions and save the date cards.  All this to say, I thought how fun it would be to do a post about unique Save the Dates!

Doing Save the Date cards are so much fun, because you add so much personality to them.  They are a part of the wedding process that you can get totally fun and quirky with, and it’s completely appropriate (even to your great aunt marge).

Here are a few of my favorite ideas…


This first idea is from one of my favorite photographers that I worked with this past fall, Marissa Joy. She is such a fun girl to be around, and her creativity exudes into her art!


Another of my favorite local photographer, Sara Davis, caught this proposal in the act. I think it’s so much fun to capture the proposal and use the shots from right when she (or he!) said YES!

Dog Lovers. {my puppy has influenced me in a bad way and i totally love this btw.}



Sports Lovers.

And, then, just like all good ideas, I found someone who already had this great idea and did an even better post!  So, if you want 40 more amazing ideas, go check out this post!  What can I say….great minds think alike!  Mine was just a little slower.  😉


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