So, I decided to buy red lipstick.  What is happening to this world.

For years, I was totally convinced that I could never wear red.  I honestly didn’t like it.  Then, something changed my senior year of college, and red has been one of my favorite colors since.

BUT, I would have never worn red lipstick.

You know all the cutie pie girls with their fun spunky hair, and their cute bangs, and maybe their bun on top of their head, and their hipster glasses, with their trendy casual chic look…they wear red lipstick.  I do not.

Until two days ago.

I have been wanting to grow my hair longer and it’s taking a while, and in the meantime I feel like my face is getting boring waiting for it to get there.  So, I had this trip to the flea market, and found a too big black and white polka dot shirt that I loved, and thought to myself, it could be really cute…if I had some pops of red.

I know you’re wondering when I’m going to stop talking about me, me, me.

This is the point.  I like a challenge.  When I see a shirt with potential, I want to see if I can make it work.  I think red lipstick looks great on other people, so why wouldn’t I try it?  I decided to step into the world of red lipstick, and it felt like a really fun challenge to myself. Even though every time I looked in the mirror, I was a little surprised, I think overall, it was a fun new step. A way to be creative with my style, but not so much that I wanted to hide. Now,will be a daily occurrence?  I think not.  But definitely when I’m wearing a thrift store shirt for $1.50 and need a little pop…then, the lipstick will make an appearance.

Ok, so I’m dying to know…do you wear red lipstick??!!  If so, what shade is your favorite, because finding the right shade was tricky for me.  Obviously, I’m not a pro… what do you think?


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