A couple of years ago, I came across the ugliest pictures ever.  I mean…I am sure they were quite the rage, at some point in time…maybe.  But, even though the fake paintings were blinding, all I could see were the gorgeous champagne gold and white distressed wooden frames around them.



I held onto them, and continued moving them from closet to closet…one warehouse to the next.  Until now.

I love the new { slash-old-and-always-because-it’s-gold…lets be honest } trend to adore all things gold.   And, I think chalkboards are the most fun.  We have a lot of rustic chalkboards and signs for weddings.  But, wait…WHAT BRAIN?  I don’t have ANY chic and fancy gold trimmed chalkboards…HOLD PLEASE.

Needless to say, I was super excited to transform these {now} beauties.

Step 1. Tape the frame (I used the multi-surface 3M painters tape, and it worked so well…no peeling!  In a minute, you’ll see what a good job taping I did. 


Step 2 – Head to a well ventilated place to paint.


Step 3 – Using Chalkboard spray paint (because I’m lazy and don’t like having to really paint, so I use spray paint whenever I can!)  go evenly back and forth, until it’s covered in a light coat.


Step 4 – Repeat until picture is thoroughly covered. (I had a few splatters from the spray paint, but I think it gives a little character to the chalkboard. If splatters bother you, I’d suggest using a brush to paint the board.)


Step 5 – See my good tape job?  Haha.  I didn’t realize I hadn’t fully sealed the tape, so I had a little get on my frame.  Also, this sweet little leaf fell right before I snapped this pic, so I decided to let him stay for a bit.


Step 6 – I dabbed my Q-tip into a little nail polish remover, and lightly rubbed until the black came off. No big.


Step 7- Have an adorable little fancy pants gold painted chalkboard!  Can’t wait to show it off in this weekend’s wedding!


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