My little girl knows how to celebrate. I watch and learn.  She decides to throw a party for her Calico Critters, and they all have animals to ride on (that have all been trained of course) and fancy bottled drinks.  Or, she makes lemon squares from a child’s recipe book, and then invites the neighbors over to join us for dessert. I was gone this past weekend, and as I pulled into the driveway I see my sweet girl of… Read more »

We are so excited about the response we’ve had to Social Graces.  Here’s a sneak peek into our course curriculum.  We would love to have the opportunity to work with your children on these crucial social skills, and have fun in the process!  Click here for registration details.  Week 1 – Mind Your Manners: Napkin Placement ; Cutting Food ; Utensil Use; General Table Etiquette ; Appropriate Table Posture Week 2 – Excuse Me, Sir: Communicating with Adults/Peers; Conversational Manners; Non-verbal Communication; Eye Contact; Handshaking; Letter Writing Week 3 – Be My… Read more »

  Social Graces Ladies and Gentlemen for a Lifetime We invite your child to join us at Social Graces, a four-week class for 1st – 5th graders, where he or she will learn appropriate behavior for all situations. Alongside his or her peers, your child will learn etiquette in a way that is relevant and fun.  Learning will take place in a small group setting, creating a welcoming environment while allowing your little lady or gentleman to receive personal attention.  The… Read more »

Caroline and Richard were the most fun.  Caroline and I had a blast dreaming up their wedding, filled with vintage decor and gorgeous (with a touch of playful whimsy!) flowers. We wanted the wedding to be fun for the whole family, but still represent the class of their style and personalities.  So, we brought in elements like a photo booth (with vintage props!) and a wishing tree for guests to write messages to the happy couple.  It was a beautiful… Read more »

With the new year, also comes all the new color schemes for the upcoming wedding season. Come January, I had my ears open wide for what color Pantone would choose for the 2013 color of the year…have you heard yet?  It’s gorgeous Emerald Green! In honor of the new color, I couldn’t help but to do a new emerald pinboard! but why stop there, with chatting about colors!?!  here are some other new pinboards to get you excited about colors for… Read more »

I was thinking about how 70% of engaged couples get engaged from Thanksgiving to New Years, and as soon as January hits, those brides are off and planning!  What comes first??  Engagement sessions and save the date cards.  All this to say, I thought how fun it would be to do a post about unique Save the Dates! Doing Save the Date cards are so much fun, because you add so much personality to them.  They are a part of… Read more »

                       I love the word quiet.  Not that you would use it to describe me by any means. If there were one word that would NOT describe me best, it would be the word quiet.  Everything about me feels loud…my voice, my personality, my kids…you get the picture.  However, I have felt this sense of quiet lately that would not be my normal adjective of choice. It has been a nice… Read more »

The event that I was blessed to be a part of this past weekend is always one of my favorite events of the year. Even though there are close to 1000 people there, it continues to feel like one of the most intentional and personable events I plan.  The reason? How could anything be sweeter than celebrating children with  Downs Syndrome???          These kids brighten my days for months on end, just from the few hours I get… Read more »

When I think back to my childhood, my picture of “home” was many things. It wasn’t always warm chocolate chip cookies when I got home from school, but it was sometimes. There weren’t tons of presents at Christmas, but there were still so many surprises. It was a rugged picture of real life…joy, brokenness, chaos, struggle, support…but there was always love. Being from a broken home, I convinced myself early on that I had it made…two families, two houses, two… Read more »