My mom always had a tradition of giving the book Pat the Bunny as a baby gift. However, there were some things that she didn’t do. Like decorate with bunnies. Which, on most occasions, I do not either. However, Easter is a special time of year. It makes people do crazy things…like decorate with bunnies. And chicks. And jellybeans.   Our Bunnykins Breakfast Table I hope you were able to fully celebrate this season!

We weren’t sure how much longer we would have my sweet Grandaddy when I wrote the below prose a couple years ago. We celebrated his 94th birthday with him this weekend, and we knew all too well it was coming. Thankfully, the Lord took him quietly and without suffering on Wednesday morning. If I had to say one thing I’m grateful for from his presence in my life, it would be that he never lost his childlike faith and spirit,… Read more »