Ok, folks, this is it.  The fourth (and possibly most believable) myth about why you “can’t throw a party.”  However, hopefully, I’ll be able to convince you otherwise! Sure, you can spend time making fun things to embellish your events.  But those things are not a must have. You can bake until your fingers turn blue to make sure all your items have been made from scratch, but again…not necessary. If I had to sum up the reasons to party, I’d… Read more »

The other day, my daughter and I were having a fun date and as I was fixing my coffee, I looked up and saw this. I was shocked that here in plain print, I was being told that the only way I could “throw a perfect dessert party” was to buy these things and spend over one hundred dollars, and not even including the food!  As you can see, I was so irritated, I had to take a picture.  I… Read more »

I absolutely love looking on blogs, in magazines and on Pinterest for inspiration. Really, I do.  However sadly, sometimes it has the opposite effect on me. The hope is that these sources would motivate and inspire us. But, many times in actuality, we end up having feelings of discouragement, frustration, even anger, just because it feels so far from our reality.  And, even though I’m somewhat crafty, the downward spiral of feeling like I’m not enough still tries to trap… Read more »

You probably have heard of Simple Mom…she’s awesome and has an amazing blog.  Last year, I had such a blast meeting Tsh at a conference.  We hit it off, and had a ton of fun hanging out that weekend. We did a podcast about party planning, life, and working from home, and laughed a lot.  It’s totally fun, and I’d love for you to grab a cup of coffee or your laundry basket, and listen in as we chat it… Read more »

Over the years of planning parties, I’ve managed to learn a few things. 1.  People like to stand at parties. 2.  People like to be in the kitchen, crammed in with the most action going on around them. 3. People like to help. 4. People like to be outside. Last year we had an event at our house that was a blast.  Our neighborhood is awesome and loves doing lots of year round fun things.  In December, we do a… Read more »

One thing I like about hosting parties, is that it always motivates me to get my house somewhat straight. The key word there is somewhat.  But, one thing that makes me sad is when I hear people say things like… “I can’t host parties because my house is just too messy.” or… “We’d love to have people over more, we just don’t have enough places for people to sit.” There are these party myths that I think we’ve begun believing… Read more »

I finally did it.  I renewed my RealSimple subscription.  And, what’s more?!  All the old magazines that had taken up a whole shelf in my closet are now gone.  I love this purging thing. Part of what I love about the summer is actually taking the time to enjoy that it’s summertime.  I love not having to rush to be somewhere every day.  I love knowing that we can go to the park at 8pm if we want and not… Read more »

So, my summer goal is to purge.  Seriously, y’all.  I need stuff out and gone and good riddance, too. It’s really easy to say you need to purge.  It’s another thing to actually let go of the things that fill your home. Even when it’s just “junk”. Last week when I started clearing some things out of the house, I started making sure the kids were okay with me passing on some of their older toys and games.  My throat… Read more »

The other day, after going on about fresh local veggies and produce, I mentioned that I was going to try out a very simple shortcake recipe.  Let me tell you, it was so easy.  And, it was devoured within minutes…maybe seconds.  The best thing about it, was that it took me about 10 minutes total to get it in the oven, and about 10 min. to bake. So, even though I hadn’t planned on having Strawberry Shortcake until I was… Read more »

“When we change a person’s relationship to their food, we change them and their world together.” Goat Lady Dairy quote For a long time, I’ve wanted home grown vegetables on my table.  Not just from the store in a bag that says, “Farm Fresh”. The real kind that come straight from your own garden.  We love going to the local Farmer’s Market, and to pick our own strawberries, but there’s always been a part of me that longs for the farm… Read more »