I was thinking about how 70% of engaged couples get engaged from Thanksgiving to New Years, and as soon as January hits, those brides are off and planning!  What comes first??  Engagement sessions and save the date cards.  All this to say, I thought how fun it would be to do a post about unique Save the Dates! Doing Save the Date cards are so much fun, because you add so much personality to them.  They are a part of… Read more »

When I think back to my childhood, my picture of “home” was many things. It wasn’t always warm chocolate chip cookies when I got home from school, but it was sometimes. There weren’t tons of presents at Christmas, but there were still so many surprises. It was a rugged picture of real life…joy, brokenness, chaos, struggle, support…but there was always love. Being from a broken home, I convinced myself early on that I had it made…two families, two houses, two… Read more »

  Last night I was blessed to be a part of something beautiful.  As she says so eloquently… “Each event has a little life of its own. We can pray, prepare, and hope for certain outcomes. We certainly can’t manage those outcomes. We can set the stage, but without the people there is no life there yet.”   The gift of being with one another allows us to share many things, but as you well know, one of my favorite… Read more »

    The other week, I happened to stop in at Anthropology. I don’t do that nearly enough.   It’s always been one of my favorite stores, but I don’t usually have the time to stop. However, when one of my dear friends had her birthday, and I wanted to treat her to a little something from her favorite store, it gave me more than enough reason to visit. As soon as I walked in, I had to start taking pics…. Read more »

So, we have been chatting about fleurs for the last couple of posts.  And, funny enough, you might not think style has a lot to do with flowers. When you think of “your style“, what immediately pops in your head?  Clothes?  Jewelry?  Or, maybe shoes?!?   You probably weren’t about to say flowers.  And, strangely enough, flowers are what can really make or break the style of your wedding or event. However, many times, it’s the flowers that people have… Read more »

Apparently, I’m just like Fancy Nancy.  Everything sounds prettier in French.  Thus, flowers become fleurs, and oh, so pretty! Before You Go… You might have heard the old Southern saying, “Don’t arrive empty handed.”  Well, going to your florist is no different. Don’t go empty-handed!  Your florist cannot event begin to think, design, or create what you will like without having some idea of what your vision for your flowers is. Pin It. Have fun pinning away and make yourself… Read more »

 Flowers are amazing.   You have a bare space, and then all of a sudden, you add flowers or greenery, and there’s life!   But, similarly to color schemes, the trends with flowers change over time.  What I picked for my bridal bouquet (13 years ago today actually!) was perfect…then.   Maybe I’m just too fickle, and vary my taste too much, but my flowers would be completely different now, than what I chose in August of 1999.   Over… Read more »

I could have said no.  It would have been less messy and a whole lot less time on her part. It started with her asking for the last fourth of the watermelon that was sitting on the counter.  I thought at first, how I knew she couldn’t really eat all of that.  But, then I thought how cute she would be putting her whole face into the huge piece of watermelon. The next time I looked, she was not eating,… Read more »

Maybe it’s just because it’s summer and these colors are so fun, but this is my favorite color combo right now for weddings.  It’s so fun and spunky, but also modern and sophisticated. I think I’m in love… Whenever I say or hear the phrase, “What are your colors?” I totally think of Steel Magnolias, where they’re all in the beauty parlor, and they ask Shelby what her wedding colors are, and she says… (come on now, say it with… Read more »

Remember when I said I was gonna have a party?  Well, last week we had some friends over for the fourth and we had a good ol’ fashion founders day party.   It was a blast! We had sack races, and a watermelon roll, lots of sparklers, and tons of great food.  And, for dessert, we had a pie baking contest…with real non-biased judges and everything! My daughter is to the age where pretty much any project I can do, she can… Read more »